Monday, 21 December 2009


So summer is here and there is just something in the air that feels like magic, and seems to allow you to almost forget whatever shitty troubles have plagued you throughout the year.

It's the perfect time for biking around the streets at night (I find post 2am the best) hanging with friends at bars or the park, reef oil, water fights, backyard BBQs, margaritas, driving to the beach with the stereo pumped...

3PTZ thankyou all for embracing us so warmly - we can't wait to welcome a new year full of new adventures, new friendships and even more amazing fun times to share with you. We've all come a long way this year, and we are happy (and humbled) you've been right there with us.

Ok! Now it's time for the serious fun to start. Ride safe! Ride strong!
Look out for, and love each other.

Do your best, be yourself, don't look back. This summer's all about you. x

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